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Use Figma to work
& think visually

A course for non-designers to become
confident using Figma

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Why are we building this?

Hi, we’re Nate and Tom. As a creative director (Nate) and strategy consultant (Tom) we’ve seen Figma used in all kinds of situations; from presentations to website mockups to org charts. And we both use Figma heavily in our daily workflows for all kinds of non-design work.

We deeply believe that Figma is leading a revolution in the world of work - ushering in a more visual, more expressive and more immerse working experience. We made this course to specifically help non-designers understand how to use Figma, feel more confident working with others in Figma and to inspire you with examples and ideas for working on a canvas.

Ever found yourself in a Figma file, feeling overwhelmed?

Figma isn’t just for designers, plenty of knowledge workers can (and should!) be using Figma in their workflows.

Developers & engineers who are working with designers

Product managers who are managing web projects

Strategy consultants who are communicating visually with concepts and mockups

Creators & founders who need to create visual assets

... and anyone who wants to learn to work and think visually and unlock the power of Figma!

Figma isn't a design tool, it's canvas for communication

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

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Week 1
Idea generation and discovery work
Week 2
Naming, content and wireframing
Week 3
Initial design and setting up dev environment
Week 4
Course format & learning outcomes
Week 5
Branding & course asset creation
Week 6
Defining the course beta cohort
Week 10
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Week 11
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Week 12
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Who are we?

Nate Kadlac is an independent creative director and consultant working with brands like Minnesota Public Radio and Best Buy. He's currently teaching with the course Approachable Design

Tom Critchlow is an independent consultant, working in digital media and innovation for brands like The New York Times, Etsy and Google. He's also the founder of the SEO MBA

Have questions?

Is the course live or self-paced?

Great question! We haven't built it yet. We are planning on doing a live beta to test the material in the next few weeks

Are you related to Figma?

No! This projet is not endorsed by or supported by Figma. However Nate and Tom live and work in Figma all day long and love the product